Bob's Peanuts & Candy Inc.

Mints That We Sell:

Tic Tacs
Altoids - Peppermint
Altoids - Spearmint
Lifesavers - Spearmint
Lifesavers - Peppermint
Lifesavers - Wintergreen
Certs - Cinnamon
Certs - Mixed Fruit
Certs - Peppermint
Certs - Winterghreen
Sugarless Breathsavers - Peppermint
Sugarless Breathsavers - Spearmint
Sugarless Breathsavers - Wintergreen
Ludens Cough Drops - Menthol
Ludens Cough Drops - Wild Cherry
Halls Cough Drops - Cherry
Halls Cough Drops - Honey Lemon
Halls Cough Drops - Menthol Lyptus
Halls Cough Drops - Spearmint
Halls Cough Drops - Ice Blue
Life Savers - Butterrum
Life Savers - 5 Flavors
Life Savers - Peppermint
Life Savers - Spearmint

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